Big Sur, via my phone


Just a few photos from our road trip to Big Sur over Memorial Weekend (:

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San Clemente


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I'm out in San Clemente today with this girl.  This is the second of hopefully many more days spent enjoying life at the beach with my amigo.  The combination of wind, salty sea, good conversation, sandy feet (and backs from practicing headstands), giggles, and champagne is truly revitalizing to my soul.

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Duffy boat in Newport Harbor


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To celebrate Kelsey's graduation from college, we (los tres ohmigos) spent a sunny afternoon cruising the Newport Harbor in a duffy boat.  We checked out the mansions and yachts, discussing which ones we would own in the near future (obviously) and which ones we would clearly pass on, and got a kick out of seeing some kids enrolled in a sailing class.  The miniature version of anything is totally cute, right?

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If you're interested in renting a duffy boat in Newport Harbor, go here.  Also check groupon- there's usually deals (:

happy list // 012


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This blog.  I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging (although, one month removed from anything isn't exactly worth cheering over.. but I guess it kind of is?), even deleting this whole damn thing, which was really freeing and gave me the clarity I needed...

I'm a Gemini, I communicate. I have a voice, a purpose, a path... and part of that path is meant to be shared.  I've been getting into a lot of Numerology lately and both my life path number and my name add up to 11.  If you know anything about numerology, you know 11 is the first master number and an inspirational guide, which is exactly what I want to dedicate my life to (and already kind of have, I just never recognized it).  Of course, if you don't know anything about numerology then you're probably confused as shit and the previous sentence doesn't mean a thing. But see, these are the things I want to start sharing on this space- all the fascinating ideas, objects, and general spiritual shit I'm discovering along this path.  Because it's truly changing my life by opening my eyes, my heart, and my soul to unite and become the oneness that is me within in this world..

woah.. I know...  major eyeroll/sideye, right? but....

This is my space, and while I've enjoyed the time away, I feel I need something to give my voice to; some sort of platform for me to get my thoughts down, a place to connect to you (yes, you!) about anything and everything related to nutrition, plant-based eating, yoga and meditation, astrology, crystals, numerology, (insert any other thing I may have immersed myself in since I wrote this post), and generally living a healthy and balanced life.  This is what I want out of my blog (and yes, I'll post travel diaries and other personal type stuff.. but not to the capacity as before), not to turn into a commercial sell out blogging willy nilly about god-awful trite dumb shit. Boy, that last sentence was good, wasn't it? Clearly, incoherent rambling will be staying...

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled broadcast, folks!

Happy Weekend!



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This week has been rather roller-coaster-esque.. It started wonderfully and peacefully on Saturday (which I guess technically is the end of last week, but whatever.. my blog, my rules) with my first 8 hour asana intensive.  We practiced sun salutations, getting in and out of standing/balancing poses, and I even lead a flow & practice for two poses!  It was nerve racking in both the best and worst ways.  Sometimes, you just gotta jump in feet first, fear be damned! Sunday was spent in Palmsy, eating organic food from Palm Greens Cafe, and swimming in the sunshine...  But Monday was rocky (Justin picked a fight with me- he has excellent timing with his anger) and Tuesday my brother made his decision regarding his plea deal.  The whole issue with my brother has been weighing heavily on my heart, and it's hard figuring out my place in the situation.  I think I've felt all the emotions in this past week, which I guess isn't so bad- I could be feeling no emotion at all!

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And so, today, I head off to my yoga retreat out in the desert.  I'm eager to be immersed in such a "safe" environment- no judgment, all love, support, and those hippie things I enjoy so much:  yoga by day, dance party/hooping/hiking by night, with a little pool and vegan food in between AND reiki energy healing (have you done this? My spirit, my soul, my body is beyond excited for it).  FOR FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  This escape couldn't be coming at a better time, because as it stands now, I'm ready to exit this roller coaster in favor of the jungle cruise or something equally happy (:

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happy list // 011


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- The sunshine.  I've been diligently reading for my yoga teacher training and my phd, all while soaking up the sunshine on my hammock.  I mean, if I'm going to remain unemployed and not have any "real" work, I can at least work on my tan, right? Right.  For those of you who aren't aware, I have Puerto Rican roots- it's in my blood, my love of dance, my fiery personality, the spicy foods I consume, my hot headedness, and my skin color.  Prepare for me to be tan like I live in the Caribbean, is basically what I'm trying to say here.  Or to bust out in random song from West Side Story... or both?!

 photo file_zps99524135.jpg

- Radiohead.  I'm having an obsession with them right now.  Maybe because I've been listening to more... mellow? music lately, or I'm subconsciously slightly depressed (which is the only other time I can clearly remember having an obsession with Radiohead), or whatever the case may be, it just seems to be the music to go with my life at this point.  Or maybe pandora and songza are teaming up together to mind fuck me with Radiohead... I really don't know, but I dig it.

 photo file_zps93546ee5.jpg

- Life coaching.  I have my first ever life coaching session with Chelsea today, and I'm super pumped!  It's the perfect time in my life to receive a bit of coaching.  Just friendly, non judgmental guidance, thoughts, questions, answers- I'm ready to soak it all up and see what the universe and Chelsea have to give me.  I'm open and ready, so bring it.

What's making you happy this week? I'm also super stoked to have my first all day yoga intensive tomorrow! 9 hours of yoga should be... interesting. (:  I'm ready for it, and can't wait to learn and absorb as much information as I can.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend, friends!


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