Berry Good Orange Juice


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Just a simple recipe for Berry Good Orange Juice, because if you are anything like me, you love your OJ.  I've been experimenting with different flavors, and this one might be my favorite (so far).  The cara cara oranges give it a good taste, and the berry blend is delicious! I bought a berry mix from costco that contains strawberries, cherries, pomegranates, blueberries, and raspberries.  It's the best frozen mix I've had, and it's organic.  I highly suggest you grab it.  This would be a wonderful drink for the hot summer months. 


- 3 cara cara oranges
- 1 C frozen berry mix
- water

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!  

The Deal Cottage Scarf Giveaway!


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Hi friends, my sponsor ToAdorn asked me to be a part of this giveaway from The Deal Cottage, an online shop that features deals on all sorts of clothing.  Today (and for this entire week!), they are giving away this Metallic Polka Dot Infinity Scarf! The raffle is open until Friday, so I highly suggest you participate each day to increase your chances of winning (:  And just know I'm a little upset I cannot enter myself, because this scarf is perfect for spring/early summer.  

 photo dotpeach_zps7ed43031.jpg
 photo DOTMINT_zpsb967a171.jpg
 photo DOTGREY_zpse731b85d.jpg

I would probably pick the mint green, and wear it with a white tank top, grey maxi skirt, and a cute purse- basically, it's pretty similar to the outfit I'm wearing below, right? #creatureofhabit Anyway, best of luck to all of you! And I hope someone I know wins (;   

maxi dress + denim vest


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I purchased this dress from Lulu's when it was on sale for $29.  I had my dress for Brolivia's wedding in my cart (which was also on sale), but in order to get free shipping, I needed to buy something else.  So... this dress made the cut.  I love the ruching along the sides- it sort of makes up for the fact that it's very body hugging.  I've never really been one to show off my body as far as tighter fitting clothes go, but I figured, "hey, I'm not getting any younger. What if this is the best body I'll ever have? No sense in looking back at pictures of myself in my late twenties with remorse wondering why I thought I was fat when, in reality, I looked damn good." I only say this because, when I was in my early teens, I hated my body (which is pretty much the same one I have now. I mean, obviously it IS the same body, but you know what I mean..) because I wasn't built like a skinny twig bird like all the other girls around me.  But when I look at photos of me then, I think I looked damn good and I get so upset that I ever allowed myself to think negatively about something as silly as the size of my body (now, pictures of me in my later teens is a completely different story- I really was fat, and sick, and entirely unhealthy, which I think is something to worry about and scrutinize).  I know, stupid and yet totally relatable.  I think all women tend to have a mild case of body dysmorphia..? Anyway, I love this dress, and paired with a fedora and denim vest, I think it perfectly encapsulates "California cool"... at least it did in Palm Springs (: 

 photo 1162d14f-e10e-4db3-b8f3-e6ce45031f1a_zpse5e673cc.jpg
 photo 2e0900ca-ec08-463e-941e-823c677a9d88_zpsf492b0ee.jpg
 photo a4fa236a-f134-4219-a719-48d1f25ea87a_zpsea789625.jpg
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 photo 2a52f184-f400-4da3-81d3-03da1c52506c_zpsf768dcfc.jpg
 photo 7642ec36-f09b-4a71-924a-088999872949_zps3822e972.jpg
maxi: Lulu's // everything else: Target

happy list // 009


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- Quitting my job.  Unlike last month, where I was abruptly laid off, I left my current job on my own terms.  And I feel great about it.  That job was going nowhere, and there was no way I was going to allow myself to go with it.  I have bigger, better things to do with my life- and being ruled by money has never been my cup of tea (seriously, working all damn day to pay for a house that you're never in and things you never see because you're working all day? where is the logic in that?!).  I'm in a better place, and I'm excited for my future.

- On a related note, the whole reason I got this last job was a friend from high school, who I haven't spoked with since, who kindly reached out to me when I was unemployed because her husband works at the glass shop.  And now, we are friends! I can't wait to hang out with you Christina, and to meet this adorabe baby girl of yours! And to bbq mushroom tacos, as per Adam.  But first, our girls day- barring you deciding to go to Havasu (:

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- This weekend.  Yes, it's another weekend I'll be out in Palmsy.  No pool party this time... well.. that's not entirely true.  We will be partying it up for my mother's boyfriend's birthday (can I just call him my step-father? It's way easier than this long explanation... I mean, I already call his daughter my pseudo step-sister), but it's a private party, at their house.  I'm hoping this includes a trip to Native Foods Cafe, my newest obsession.

- Fargo.  Oh my god, did you guys watch that?! We loved it- we are huge fans of anything the Coen Brothers put out (seriously, most of our favorite movies are from them: The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, A Serious Man, Burn After Reading, O Brother Where Art Thou, The Hudsucker Proxy.. basically, all of their films), and Fargo, the movie, was definitely a typical Coen Brothers film- you must watch those at least 3 times to fully appreciate the humor and understand what they are trying to convey.  So, when we saw that Fargo the mini series was coming out, we both were stoked.  The first episode was hilariously dark, just as expected, and I loved that it went along pretty much with the movie.  I'm really excited for this series, are you watching? Are you a fan of the Coen Brothers?

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- Lunch with my hubby today.  I originally had an interview for a nanny position, but after discussing it at length, we decided it really wasn't worth it for me to take the job (if offered)- it would be best if Justin drove my 4runner vs his diesel beast, thereby saving us a few hundred bucks each month, which would have been my pay at this nanny job.  So, for now, I remain a jobless grad/yoga student who goes to lunch with my husband and tries her hardest not to worry about the financial situation. Because I do worry, but that's another post for another day.  I have lunch, sunshine, outfit photos to take, and a husband to laugh with this afternoon.  Can't let a little worry ruin that, right? Right.

What are you up to this weekend?
What's making you happy this week?
Fill me in!

I quit my job..


So... that was quick!

3 weeks, to be exact.

Remember last month when I was ridiculously laid off from my nanny job, then found a real-life job with real-life adults that I seemingly enjoyed? Well... turns out, that job was definitely not for me.  I thought I was to the point where I could just "work for a paycheck", but apparently, I cannot.  My spirit, my soul, my very being just won't allow for me to sacrifice myself in the name of the all mighty dollar.  I truly have never been that way, and honestly, I'm probably the happiest person when it comes to their life, their job (usually.. although the past year has put me through the ringer), their everything.  At least, that's my perception based off what my friends tell me about their "corporate" jobs and having all this money and them being unhappy, still, no matter how much dough they rake in... So right now, I just want to share about this dumb ass job and why I quit 3 weeks in, k?

I worked for a glass shop- and yes, they made bongs.  As a recently reformed stoner (oh, you didn't know that about me? I've never really specifically stated this for fear that my mother might be reading- are you reading this mom?, but she is fully aware of the situation, has gone through the 7 stages of grief, and is now super thrilled about us quitting this past January- also, if you didn't know this about me, I'm seriously starting to wonder about how accurate you can read people. Because it's not very good.), I didn't have a problem working for stoners, who make stoner products, and get stoned all day at work.  Sure! Great! You're going to pay me? I'll take it.

 photo photo1_zpsfd3db1ed.jpg

So, I took this job at the glass shop after the strangest, shortest interview ever.  Seriously, the interview lasted all of 5 minutes, the boss asked me zero questions, and just basically said here's the job, you want it? It was weird.  I usually shine at interviews, and relish the opportunity to talk about myself- it's almost like therapy: you talk about your strengths, your weaknesses, your current situation and where you see yourself in the future... No? Am I the only one who loves interviews? I digress...

I showed up my first day and was showed one thing around the office before being thrown into the sweaty shop and put to work.  I was the only girl there, and that definitely was all right with me- I've always been one of the dudes and have found, up until very recently, that I prefer to hang out with dudes over dramatic girls. I'm sure a lot of you are like this, or have been like this at one point in your lives, yes?

My job was essentially to put labels (glorified stickers that must be perfectly aligned and squeegeed all the water out and oh yes, did I mention they must be perfectly aligned? before getting baked onto the pieces once they are put into the kiln) on each and every bong that was made.  Again, this job was totally fine, except the second day I went in, I was told that everything I did the first day was done wrong.  Ummm... no, it wasn't. I did everything exactly as you told me. But fine, ok, I'll redo it. I certainly don't mind you paying me twice to do the same job.  That's all on you buddy, not me.

Now, here is where working for stoners gets to be a bitch.  The above scenario I just described? It happened EVERY DAMN DAY I was at work.  I'm not even playing with you.  I would spend 8 hours one day doing exactly what I was told to do, only to come in the following day and spend 8 hours redoing it because said stoners forgot what they really wanted.  Ugh, I just could not handle that.  I could not handle the inefficiency, the forgetfulness, the minimal direction, the sheer lack of problem solving or wanting to make this business work.  These fools have seriously never heard of "measuring twice, and cutting once"- they measure once and cut 15 times... Clearly, just because you can get high at work, doesn't mean you should...

 photo photo2_zpsfc4db0c0.jpg

So... I quit yesterday.

Oh, I forgot to mention- on my third day (THIRD DAY, people!), apparently I screwed up these labels soooo badly, it caused my boss (the owner) to PUNCH A WALL. Mind you, he himself is glass blower, which requires the use of his hands.... I'll let the hilarity of that sink in, because when it happened, I did not cry like I thought I might have- I stifled a laugh.  How does punching a wall solve anything?!  I mean, how can I fix this? Oh, by watching your blood pressure sky rocket and you damaging your hand by acting like a teenager? Cool, I can do that.

Only... I can't.

I've realized... as much as I was bummed about my last nanny job and the direction it was going, I really need to be in a position where I'm immediately affecting and helping other humans.  And putting stickers on over-priced bongs that the makers get super anal about (I started to believe maybe they were on crack or something else that makes you high strung- I certainly was never high strung when I was high- and neither were any of my stoner friends..) only to sell them for thousands of dollars to high school kids who have nothing better to do with their lives but to see how straight the label is (I'm not even kidding), is not effectively "helping" people.

So I'm back on the nanny scene- I've applied for like, 50 jobs in the past two days, and have an interview for one tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  I'm also starting on my PhD this week (eep! but that's a whole separate celebratory/announcing post.. but since we are friends, I'll tell you: I HAVE MY MASTER'S DEGREE!!!) and yoga school next week, so watching a kid or two is more up my alley... I have to say, this past month has opened my eyes up to myself: I know what I want to do, and it's aligned with what I need to do.  They are blending together harmoniously.  And I'm done sacrificing that for anything- it's simply not worth it.  This is my life, this is my one shot at it, and I'm tired of putting off what I want to do in order to conform to society's/friend's/family's expectations or perceived notions of what I "ought to be doing".  After all, I'm the best authority at knowing what I ought to do.. and holy shit you guys, I'm fucking doing it!

Kiwi Green Smoothie


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I love kiwi in my smoothies- it gives just enough tartness and citrus flavor to keep things interesting, and kiwi really cuts down on the strong taste of "green".  I bought a pack of kiwi from Costco, because I really do like having enormous quantities of fruit stored around the kitchen.  That way, I don't ever have to worry about skimping on ingredients, or not having enough of the things I truly want.

I split this smoothie with Justin, and both of us sucked it down immediately.  It was quite tasty.  So grab a friend, your blender, and be prepared to love this Kiwi Green Smoothie.

 photo photo3_zps2c8d6166.jpg


- 5 bananas
- 3 huge handfuls of spinach
- 2 kiwis
- water
- ice, as needed

Blend everything up, adding as much or as little ice as needed (feel free to substitute the ice with frozen berries.  I never use ice, though, because I hate having smoothies "cold", which I know sounds weird.  It's just too much of a shock for my system. If you add berries, your smoothie will look like a swamp, instead of this gorgeous green goodness pictured above).

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