denim jacket + messy topknot


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shirt & jacket: Old Navy // checkered shirt: H&M (men's) // leggings, purse & sunnies: Target // boots: Kohl's // necklace: BeADiva 

i'm sure most of the country is uber pissed at this outfit- i mean, not all of you can wear this kind of clothing at this time of year.  in fact, i'd venture to say most of you could not, save the few lucky bastards in California and Florida, and those crazy enough to brave hypothermia in the name of fashion (props to you bitches!).  anyway, this weekend.. oh this weekend. i am looking forward to spending some holiday time with ALL of my favorite people.  seriously, i would have to say 95% of my favorite folks will be in town this weekend- coming from AZ, AK, and the far off land that is Orange County (;  all to come party at the ranch... it should be fantastic!  and full of xmas cheer! and fireball shots galore! and xmas lights and candy canes and marshmallow gumdrops and all that other xmas-ey shit that makes this time of year the absolute best.

point being: i have some awesome friends
and i'm so lucky and thrilled they are in my life.

best xmas present any girl could ask for (:

hope you have a wonderful weekend surrounded
by all your favorite people, as well!


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Oliviaaa said...

excuuuuse me! but this favorite person will not be in attendance!


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