Before & After: our gallery wall


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Last week, I had a wild hair up my butt and decided it was finally time to re-do our gallery wall.  It's been up for roughly 2.5 years, and I've been "over" it for... 1.5 years? ha!  It's funny when you start working on your house- it seems to never end!  As soon as you get something "done", you realize it isn't exactly how you wanted it to be, or it doesn't work with what you currently like, or whatever other ridiculous reason which causes you to do an abrupt 180 and change it.  At least, that's how it seems to go at the Glass Ranch.  It's hard being so final with things that could easily change, you know? 

so here is the before: 
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it was a whole bunch of frames with photos from an old Big Sur calendar- I didn't have any other art, but I wanted something on the walls, along with a print form my bff, a few photos of us, and a John Lennon Imagine print.  So, it really wasn't as personal as I would have liked, and I wanted to add more "trinkets" to the wall, so it wasn't photos only... I scrounged around the house and picked out all the "art" and "trinkets" I wanted to put up, the ones that spoke to me and felt like they needed to be front and center in our main living are, and here's what I came up with:

 photo photo2_zps09d5d36e.jpg

It's definitely more homey and more "us" now:  more beatles prints, a painting I made, a painting by my uncle, a Harry Potter print, dreamcatcher and monogram, photo booth photos from some recent fun weddings, one of my favorite wedding photos on canvas, and the best post cards from trips.  I love the pops of color, the eccentricity, and the more cluttered vibe.  It just makes me smile now (:


brooke lyn said...

loving the new gallery wall! i am slowly putting one together in my place too.

The Salty Mess said...

This is so simple and so cute! Love it!

The Salty Mess Style Diary

Lourdes said...

I want to do a gallery wall!

This inspired me!

XO Lourdes

Ana said...

I've also been wanting to put my postcards on the show, you know getting them out of the drawer, and I've been thinking of using the springs. It looks personalized, super cute and original.
But your re-done looks great, way better than before, great job ;)
I think we're never really satisfied with what we've done, there's always a new idea, a new "if".

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