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- The sunshine.  I've been diligently reading for my yoga teacher training and my phd, all while soaking up the sunshine on my hammock.  I mean, if I'm going to remain unemployed and not have any "real" work, I can at least work on my tan, right? Right.  For those of you who aren't aware, I have Puerto Rican roots- it's in my blood, my love of dance, my fiery personality, the spicy foods I consume, my hot headedness, and my skin color.  Prepare for me to be tan like I live in the Caribbean, is basically what I'm trying to say here.  Or to bust out in random song from West Side Story... or both?!

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- Radiohead.  I'm having an obsession with them right now.  Maybe because I've been listening to more... mellow? music lately, or I'm subconsciously slightly depressed (which is the only other time I can clearly remember having an obsession with Radiohead), or whatever the case may be, it just seems to be the music to go with my life at this point.  Or maybe pandora and songza are teaming up together to mind fuck me with Radiohead... I really don't know, but I dig it.

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- Life coaching.  I have my first ever life coaching session with Chelsea today, and I'm super pumped!  It's the perfect time in my life to receive a bit of coaching.  Just friendly, non judgmental guidance, thoughts, questions, answers- I'm ready to soak it all up and see what the universe and Chelsea have to give me.  I'm open and ready, so bring it.

What's making you happy this week? I'm also super stoked to have my first all day yoga intensive tomorrow! 9 hours of yoga should be... interesting. (:  I'm ready for it, and can't wait to learn and absorb as much information as I can.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend, friends!



Heidi said...

Yessss... sunshine. After a full week of rain (as in torrential downpours), today is beautifully sunny. I plan to spend the afternoon on my deck with a sketchbook. Can't think of a better way to end the week.

Chelsea said...

BRING IT ;) I so cannot wait for our first sesh!

Also, I love that friggin house and want to move in. I love that quote too... it's something I'm constantly reminding myself of. And Radiohead! That's what's up :)

SEE you soon, friend! xo

BKCsquared said...

I wish I liked/was good at yoga!! Granted, I've never gone to an actual class...only the yoga at-home DVDS. This inspired me to take a class soon!

xo, K

Megan S. said...

So you are getting your certification? Where/what are you getting it through!! I want to get mine.

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