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This week has been rather roller-coaster-esque.. It started wonderfully and peacefully on Saturday (which I guess technically is the end of last week, but whatever.. my blog, my rules) with my first 8 hour asana intensive.  We practiced sun salutations, getting in and out of standing/balancing poses, and I even lead a flow & practice for two poses!  It was nerve racking in both the best and worst ways.  Sometimes, you just gotta jump in feet first, fear be damned! Sunday was spent in Palmsy, eating organic food from Palm Greens Cafe, and swimming in the sunshine...  But Monday was rocky (Justin picked a fight with me- he has excellent timing with his anger) and Tuesday my brother made his decision regarding his plea deal.  The whole issue with my brother has been weighing heavily on my heart, and it's hard figuring out my place in the situation.  I think I've felt all the emotions in this past week, which I guess isn't so bad- I could be feeling no emotion at all!

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And so, today, I head off to my yoga retreat out in the desert.  I'm eager to be immersed in such a "safe" environment- no judgment, all love, support, and those hippie things I enjoy so much:  yoga by day, dance party/hooping/hiking by night, with a little pool and vegan food in between AND reiki energy healing (have you done this? My spirit, my soul, my body is beyond excited for it).  FOR FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  This escape couldn't be coming at a better time, because as it stands now, I'm ready to exit this roller coaster in favor of the jungle cruise or something equally happy (:

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Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

Hope your retreat, which sounds wonderful, treats you well and you come back peaceful and ready to conquer!

Julia D. said...

Sending love, light, and peace to you through all of life's twists and turns. Hope you're having a restful time at your retreat!

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